Superhuman updates
Superhuman updates

Inbox Zero Day is back 🥳




October 6 is when Superhuman customers are most likely to hit Inbox Zero!

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Hit Inbox Zero today, and tag us on Twitter with the hashtag #HitZero.

We're celebrating all day with giveaways galore 🎉

See your day, a tap away! 📅





We constantly switch between our inbox and our calendar app. Then we get distracted, lose focus, and fall out of flow.

No longer! You can now see your calendar anytime — directly in Superhuman:

Calendar from Anywhere.gif

Just two-finger tap and hit Open Calendar. Or, simply tap the calendar icon on invitations!

Personalize your emoji 🙌 🙌🏻 🙌🏼 🙌🏽 🙌🏾 🙌🏿





Emoji infuse your email with delight. They are engaging, help you express yourself, and — above all — are fun to use. ✨

By popular request, you can now set a default skin tone for your emoji!


Hit Cmd+K on desktop or two-finger tap on mobile, and enter Emoji Settings to set your default.

To use an emoji, just type : then the emoji's name.

Superhuman raises $75M Series C 🎉





6 years ago, we set out to build the fastest email experience ever made.

Today, we're delighted to share that we've raised a $75M Series C — and we will immediately put that to use by making Superhuman significantly more powerful and even faster than before.


In the near future, expect to see even more calendar functionality. We will invest in writing assistance, to correct errors as you type and help you type even faster, and in task management, so you can assign or delegate email.

We also plan to build new integrations with best-in-class tools like Grammarly, Hubspot, and Salesforce — all of which will make Superhuman even more effective!

Read more on our blog:

Personalize your Instant Intro 🤝





Email introductions can be very cumbersome.

You have to thank the sender, move them to BCC, tell them what you're doing, and then — finally — write your message.

That's why we built Instant Intro: the fastest way to respond to introductions!

Today, Instant Intro got more powerful. Make it your own with personalization:


To try it out, hit Cmd+K on desktop or two-finger tap on mobile and enter Instant Intro Settings.

Block 🙅





Spam slows you down. And spammers keep getting smarter — finding new ways to clutter your inbox.

On desktop, you can block specific senders — or entire domains — with Cmd+K.

Now you can block on iPhone & iPad too!


Just pull down and tap Block.

Variables in Snippets ⚡️





Today, Snippets got even faster: you can now use variables!

Try {first_name}, {last_name}, or {full_name}. You can even include custom placeholders — and we'll prompt you if you forget to fill them 🙋


And one more thing: to insert Snippets faster than ever, just hit ; when typing!

Hyperlinks 🔗





Introducing one of our most requested features for mobile — hyperlinks!

No more waiting until you're back at your desk to send that document or deck.


To add a link in your message, just select a phrase and tap Add Link!

Zoom and Google Meet links 📆





The fastest way to calendar just got faster!

You can now add Zoom or Meet links at the speed of thought.


To create an event, hit B. To add a meeting link, just hit Cmd+K.

You can even add these links automatically every time! Try Cmd+K → Meeting Links.

Invite your team to Superhuman 💜





Teams who use Superhuman move faster and achieve more!

You and your teammates can now invite others, and anybody you invite can be onboarded right away. You can then manage billing for the whole team in one easy place.

To invite, just hit Cmd+K → Invite to Team. Headway.png