Superhuman updates
Superhuman updates

Get Me To Zero ✨




Imagine an inbox that only contains things you need to do.

It would be fast to scan, easy to stay on top of, and nothing would fall through the cracks. You would hit Inbox Zero regularly. In fact, many Superhuman customers live this dream!

But what if your inbox is overflowing? What if your inbox contains thousands — or even millions — of emails?

Easy: clean it up with Get Me To Zero…


Get Me To Zero moves old emails from your inbox to your Done folder. What counts as old? Most people move emails older than 1 week.

To get started, just hit Cmd+K → Get Me To Zero.

And don’t worry: if you change your mind, you can simply undo. Give it a try!

Block in Superhuman for Outlook 🙅




Spam slows you down. And spammers keep getting smarter — finding new ways to clutter your inbox.

Now, you can block them forever with Superhuman for Outlook!

Hit Cmd+K → Block on Mac or Ctrl+K → Block on Windows. On mobile, pull down from the conversation and tap Block.

Block Combined.gif

You can block specific senders, or even entire domains. We'll also delete everything they've ever sent you.

Go on, you know you want to.

Lists, bullets, and numbers in Superhuman for iPhone and iPad 🔢




You can now make lists — with bullets or numbers — in Superhuman for iPhone and iPad! image (1).png

  • To start a bulleted list, simply type * then space

  • To start a numbered list, simply type 1. then space

  • To make a sublist, tap the list item to open the edit menu, then swipe to see Indent and Outdent. If you're on a keyboard, just hit Tab or Shift+Tab!

See Your Day on iOS 🗓️




You can now open your calendar right from your inbox.

Just tap the calendar in the top left, and you'll see your schedule for today! image (1).png

You can then swipe to change day, and tap to see event details, join calls, and RSVP — all without leaving Superhuman.

'Tis the season of giving and getting free Superhuman 🎁




For every referral from now until January, you — and the folks you invite — will get two free months instead of the usual one!

Gifting and getting free Superhuman is as easy as Superhuman Command → Refer. Just hit Cmd+K on desktop, or pull down on mobile.

Happy holidays from all of us at Superhuman 💜

Headway, email V2.png

Faster and easier gestures on iPhone 📱




Superhuman for iPhone is now faster and easier to use!

Our mobile app now sports several new gestures:

email 2.gif

  • To reply and forward, just swipe messages. No need to long-press.
  • To select text, just long-press. No need to extra-long-press.
  • To refresh your inbox, pull down and swipe left. Sometimes you have to be sure.
  • To search, pull straight down. Search stays right at your fingertips.
  • To open Superhuman Command, pull down and swipe right. From here, you can do anything.

To make room for these gestures, pulling left no longer reveals times. Times are now in message headers — just tap to see them.

We’ve found that these changes make Superhuman much faster and easier to use. Selecting text, in particular, is significantly faster than before!

To learn more about our design philosophy, check out our blog.

See Event Details on iOS 🗓️




You can now tap events to see details, join calls, and RSVP right from Superhuman!

iOS event details GIF.gif

To open your calendar in Superhuman, two-finger tap → Open Calendar.

Team Invite Links 🔗




Building your Superhuman team just got faster and easier! ⚡

You can now share a link that will grant access to Superhuman:

Teams Link.gif

Put the link in your wiki, your new hire onboarding, or anywhere else you want!

To get your link, just hit Cmd+K → Invite to Team

It's Inbox Zero Day!




October 6 is when Superhuman customers are most likely to hit Inbox Zero!

We're celebrating all day with special rewards and giveaways galore 🎉


Hit Inbox Zero today, and tag us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram with the hashtag #HitZero. The more channels you share on, the more entries you'll get

See Your Team's Availability, in Superhuman for Gmail 📅




"What time is everybody free?"

In Gmail, you have to stop what you're doing and open your calendar to start figuring this out.

In Superhuman, you can now see availability right away!

Team Scheduling Desktop.gif

To schedule a team meeting:

  • Hit B or Cmd+K → Create Event
  • Simply add your team to see their calendars