Superhuman updates
Superhuman updates

See who's emailing at a glance! 👀




Superhuman iOS notifications now include contact photos and support Allowed People in iOS Focus. image.png

See who's emailing at a glance, and focus on what matters!

Superhuman for Outlook 💜




We are tremendously excited to announce our biggest launch yet: Superhuman for Outlook 🔥

It's powerful, beautiful, and blazingly fast.


Do you use Office 365? Hit Cmd+K → Add Account. You can now get through your Outlook inbox twice as fast as before!

Do your friends use Office 365? Hit Cmd+K → Refer. You get one month free for each referral who signs up!

Read more about Superhuman for Outlook here.

Make your team Superhuman ⚡️




You can now create and manage teams in Superhuman!

With Superhuman, your team will move faster, be more responsive, and feel less stressed. We offer discounts for teams of 10 or more — email to learn more!

Invite to Team Headway.gif

To grow your team, just hit Cmd+K → Invite to Team.

Today's Inbox Zero, Forever 📸




By popular demand: you can now save Inbox Zero images! 😍

Just long-press on iOS or hit Cmd+K → Download Inbox Zero on desktop

Untitled design (3).gif

Like this new feature? Download and share your favorite Inbox Zero images on Twitter this week. Tag @superhuman so we can celebrate your moments of zen together! ✨

Create events in any time zone 🌎




"Would 4 pm London time work?"

Scheduling across time zones is painful. You need to do math and we all get it wrong.

The result? Missed calls, wasted time, and even more meetings.

No more! When creating an event, just enter a time zone — or city — and leave the math to us!


To create an event, simply hit B on desktop.

Manage teams with Admin Controls 👥




Managing your team just got faster and easier! ⚡

With Admin Controls, you can now assign roles, invite new team members, or quickly remove them.


Get going on desktop by hitting Cmd+KManage Team.

See Your Week 🗓




"When are you free next week?"

With these simple words, you're out of your inbox and out of flow.

No more! You can now see your whole week without ever leaving Superhuman:


To see your week, just hit 0 then 0. (If you're in a draft, hit Cmd+Shift+0 twice.)

Hyperlink at lightspeed 🔗




We all make links multiple times a day, and it's always a drag.

Copy, select, click, paste, enter … and it's even worse on mobile.

No more! Just select and paste: instant link ⚡

And the best part? It works on mobile too:


You can now make links at lightspeed!

On desktop, just select and hit Cmd+V to paste.

On mobile, just select and tap Add Copied Link.

More power for your Important • Other splits ⚡




If you receive a lot of email, our Important • Other splits help you move much faster. They cut through the noise, and surface what matters most.

But AI won't always get it right. And moving messages individually takes too much time.

Now you can move conversations, specific senders, and even entire domains to Important or Other: MoveIO_Desktop.gif To get going, first visit your Split Inbox settings to turn on the Important • Other splits.

On desktop, hit Cmd+K → Move to Important (or: Move to Other).

On mobile, just two-finger tap, then tap Move → Important (or: Other).

Inbox Zero Day is back 🥳




October 6 is when Superhuman customers are most likely to hit Inbox Zero!

Twitter 02 (Teaser 2).png

Hit Inbox Zero today, and tag us on Twitter with the hashtag #HitZero.

We're celebrating all day with giveaways galore 🎉