Superhuman updates
Superhuman updates

Create Calendar Events, in Outlook 🗓️




You can now create calendar events in Superhuman for Outlook!

It's keyboard-driven and blazingly fast ⚡


To create an event, hit B to get started. To add more details, just hit Cmd+K on Mac and Ctrl+K on Windows.

See Your Week in Superhuman for Outlook 🗓️




"Are you available next week?"

What if you could know, right from your inbox?

Now you can! See your whole week without ever leaving Superhuman for Outlook.


Just hit 0 twice to see your week.

(If you're in a draft, hit Cmd+K → Open Week on Mac or Ctrl+K → Open Week on Windows.)

See Your Day, now in Superhuman for Outlook 📅




We constantly switch between our inbox and our calendar.

We get distracted, lose focus, and fall out of flow.

No longer! In Superhuman for Outlook, you can see your calendar anytime:


To see your day, hit 0 on desktop or two-finger tap on mobile.

Superhuman works with Grammarly 💚




We are thrilled to announce that you can now use Superhuman with Grammarly! 🎉


Eliminate errors and email faster than ever.

To get started, download the Grammarly desktop app.

(Please note: this does not work with the Grammarly browser extension.)

Invite teammates on iOS 💎




You can now create and manage teams in Superhuman!

With teams, you can manage multiple users at once and turn many expense reports into one.

We also have volume discounts for teams of 10 or more — email to learn more!

To get started, two-finger tap → Invite to Team

Invite on iOS Headway.jpg

RSVP from Superhuman 🗓




You can now RSVP right from Superhuman!

That's one less reason to switch apps, and one more reason to stay in flow. RSVP SYD SYW Headway (2).png Hit 0 to see today, and again to see your week. (If you're in a draft, hit Cmd+Shift+0.)

Print or save emails as PDFs on iOS 🖨




It's now easy to print emails or save them as PDFs on iPhone and iPad!


Just pull down on an email and tap Print or Share as PDF to get started.

Easily find iPad keyboard shortcuts ⚡




Keyboard shortcuts are now more neatly organized and searchable!

Static (1).jpg

Hold down Command on your external keyboard to open the improved menu.

See who's emailing at a glance! 👀




Superhuman iOS notifications now include contact photos and support Allowed People in iOS Focus. image.png

See who's emailing at a glance, and focus on what matters!

Superhuman for Outlook 💜




We are tremendously excited to announce our biggest launch yet: Superhuman for Outlook 🔥

It's powerful, beautiful, and blazingly fast.


Do you use Office 365? Hit Cmd+K → Add Account. You can now get through your Outlook inbox twice as fast as before!

Do your friends use Office 365? Hit Cmd+K → Refer. You get one month free for each referral who signs up!

Read more about Superhuman for Outlook here.