Superhuman updates
Superhuman updates

Zoom and Google Meet links πŸ“†





The fastest way to calendar just got faster!

You can now add Zoom or Meet links at the speed of thought.


To create an event, hit B. To add a meeting link, just hit Cmd+K.

You can even add these links automatically every time! Try Cmd+K β†’ Meeting Links.

Invite your team to Superhuman πŸ’œ





Teams who use Superhuman move faster and achieve more!

You and your teammates can now invite others, and anybody you invite can be onboarded right away. You can then manage billing for the whole team in one easy place.

To invite, just hit Cmd+K β†’ Invite to Team. Headway.png

The Power of Command ⚑️





With Superhuman Command β€” also known as Cmd+K β€” you can do anything from anywhere.

But it only worked on desktop… until today!

You can now wield the power of Superhuman Command on iOS:

Command on iOS

Just two-finger tap, or hit Cmd+K if you use a keyboard. You'll go faster than ever before!

Level up with Inbox Zero Streaks πŸ”₯





Staying in control of your inbox is worth celebrating! So we built a way to track your productivity β€” week in, week out.

Introducing: Inbox Zero Streaks!


You add to your streak each week you hit zero in your primary inbox (Important or Inbox).

To check your progress, hit Cmd+K β†’ Achievements on desktop or tap the flame icon on mobile.

Select All β€” the Superhuman Way β›©





Every inbox has a horizon. We respond to new messages. But we do not respond past the horizon.

Some apps offer Select All, but their approach is flawed. We almost never want everything; we almost always want everything past our horizon.


With Superhuman, you can now do just that. Select everything past the horizon, and hit Mark Done. Out of sight, out of mind.

On desktop, hit Cmd+A to Select All From Here.

On mobile, long-press, tap Select All, then tap or swipe to keep recent messages.

It's Inbox Zero Day! πŸ₯³





October 6 is when you're most likely to hit Inbox Zero!

Twitter 03 (Launch Day).png

Hit Inbox Zero today, and tag us on Twitter with the hashtag #HitZero.

We're celebrating with prizes and surprises all day πŸŽ‰

Superhuman for Education πŸŽ“





We're excited to launch our new discounted plan: Superhuman for Education. It's just $10 per month β€” 67% off our regular price! πŸŽ‰

Students and faculty with an active school email address can sign up at:

03 Linkedin.jpg

Want to share Superhuman with a student or professor? Hit Cmd+K β†’ Refer on desktop, or tap the top-left corner in the mobile app.

Snow by day, Carbon by night πŸŒ—





Superhuman themes can now match your system settings!

As night falls, Superhuman adapts. We take you from Snow to Carbon β€” from bright and clean, to dark and minimal.

Theme Settings Final.png

Just hit Cmd+K β†’ Theme Settings on desktop, or head to Settings in the mobile app.

See your day, a tap away! πŸ“…





More than 30% of email is scheduling.

We constantly switch to our calendar apps. We then get distracted, lose focus, and fall out of flow.

No longer! With just one tap, Superhuman can show you the perfect day, right away. Try it with invites too!

See Calendar

Calendar Events πŸ“†





You can now create calendar events right from Superhuman!

Unlike the point 'n' click forms in Gmail or Outlook, it is keyboard-driven, blazingly fast, and surprisingly fun. πŸ™‚

Prepare to calendar twice as fast as before! ⚑

Create Event

To create an event, hit B. To add more details, just hit Cmd+K.